If you want to kickstart your producing career and think that the Netherlands is the best place to do that, look no further than Pyntago’s Producer Bootcamp. In an intense 1-month course you will learn how to use Ableton Live and how to start and finish tracks. Furthermore, you will also learn to use synthesis, music theory and sound design to spice up your productions, and how to mix everything into a coherent whole. By making you familiar with this broad range of subjects in a structured way, you will then have a solid foundation to explore the wonderful world of music production on your own.


• Learning how to use Ableton Live in a productive way
• Analysis of music
• A structured approach to producing and finishing tracks
• Music theory that is relevant to producers of electronic music
• Hands-on synthesis techniques
• Sounddesign-techniques to make your sounds stand out
• A structured approach to mixing
• Polishing your mix by use of compression, EQ and reverb
• Basic mastering techniques


To develop your producer skills, you’ll first master Ableton Live. You’ll get a firm grasp of all the basic concepts like MIDI, audio, editors, samplers, synths, effects and plugins. Once you feel comfortable using the program, you’ll start using it to create your own tracks. You’ll learn all about structuring your compositions, making good build-ups and finding the synths and samples that fit your style best.


Besides working on your basic production skills, we’ll also go more in depth with Music theory for Producers, Mixing/Mastering and Synthesis/Sound-design. A good understanding of these subjects is essential if you want your music to stand out.
Music theory for Producers will teach you about scales, melody, rhythm and chords in a way that’s relevant to electronic music producers. Understanding these basic concepts will help you create throbbing bass lines, banging beats and flowing chord progressions.
Whether you use synthesis to create sounds from scratch, or to transform existing presets to your taste, knowledge of synthesis will help you create a unique and recognizable signature. Synthesis/Sound-design will give you a firm grasp of the most common synthesis methods, and apply this in a hands-on way to a wide range of popular software synths. Furthermore, we’ll take a broader look at sound-design and learn about advanced use of effects and editing techniques.
When you have all the elements for your track and are happy with the structure, it’s time for Mixing. You’ll learn the basics of compression, EQ and reverb, and how to use this to make all your elements work together. When the mix is done, you will then take it to another level with basic but effective Mastering.
During the course you’ll work towards creating a finished track, so that you can experience the whole process. This will help you to finish your own tracks after the course.


You will receive additional producing lesson where we focus on putting the theory into practice. Furthermore, you will get special access to all masterclasses organized by Pyntago and the Pro DJ school and the teachers are always available for feedback or advice. You will meet other students and be able to expand your network.


  • Price: € 3500,-

  • Length of the course: 1 month

  • Number of lessons: 20

  • Course days: Monday until Friday

  • Course time: 11:00 till 16:00 pm

  • Maximum number of students: 10

  • Free Ableton Live Standard worth € 349,-

  • Extra masterclasses

  • Entrance Requirements: none


  • Monday, March 2, 2020 (last day of school is Friday, March 28)31th)