If you want to learn how to produce electronic music with Ableton Live, Pyntago’s Ableton Live Master Course is the perfect choice. The lessons are given in English and groups are small, which means you will get a lot of personal attention. Not only will you develop your production skills, there will also be a lot of attention to your music, regardless of your musical style.

Guided by a coherent curriculum, you will work intensively at producing your own tracks, with the right balance between theory and practice

Main subjects


  • Complete overview of Ableton Live

  • Producing your own tracks

  • Sounddesign with synthesizers and samplers

  • Analyzing music

  • Mixing and mastering

  • Scales, chords and chordprogressions

  • Performing live with Ableton Live and Push

  • Promotion and use of social media

  • Public Rights Organizations and contracts

  • Creating a good demo and approaching labels



During the course, you will learn how to work with Ableton Live and discover what skills are needed to produce tracks. The musictheory lessons will help you to create powerful basslines, driving rhythms and logical chordprogressions. The synthesis and sounddesign lessons will cover often used techniques, allowing you to create your own unique sounds. Of course you will also learn what goes into creating a good sounding mix, and to raise the quality of your tracks to a level worthy of release.

  • Analyzing tracks and creating your own

  • Using EQ, compression and reverb

  • Creating sounds with subtractive synthesis

  • Music theory to make you work faster

  • Acoustics

  • Mastering your own tracks

  • An honest view at the music industry



The lessons are taught by Ableton Certified Trainers who are active producers themselves. They are committed to helping you understand the theory and applying it to your own music. They are available for questions and feedback, also outside of the lessons. Because the only way to learn music production is by doing it, the lessons feature many practical assignments and you will be given homework after every lesson.


  • Price: € 2999,-

  • Number of lessons: 36 lessons

  • Course time: 19:00 till 22:00 pm

  • Maximum number of students: 10

  • Free Ableton Live worth € 599,-

  • Open to all styles of music

  • Personal guidance

  • Entrance Requirements: no